1. Pine Table Fever

    Give it a rest, you useless cow.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Cant she just overdose or accidentally impale herself on those stupid nails?

  3. YTBOY

    She is so freaking HOT!!!

  4. don’t know why i make myself look at her pics knowing that it’s just going to irritate the piss out of me.

  5. CK

    Like a ducklips to water…

  6. Per-Øivind Skaarnes

    The bikini she is wearing is from Porto Br.

  7. Per-Øivind Skaarnes

    A Norwegian- Brazilian brand

  8. Per-Øivind Skaarnes

    Rio top and Sampa under in Green Palms print!

  9. lily

    shes attractive i like her older music but these days shes just so trashy, tries WAY too hard, and im over that robotic voice. its LAUGHABLE that she claims to be a size 0. not with that big ass….maybe on the moon.

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