1. Josephus

    We found love in a hoseless place.

  2. YTBOY

    That’s the sweetest ass in America today!!!

    • guttboy

      You don’t get out much do you…..I’m sure we can all agree that there is better (and cleaner) ass in abundant supply out there….say at your local McDonald’s.

  3. Athr

    This is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.

  4. hollyhood

    sucks to be that bald dude at the bottom of the photo, he just got herpes sprayed all over his head.

  5. Dinosaurland

    Someone hand this woman a Nobel prize.

  6. costas

    I wanna be the water that rolls on her body

  7. M H

    “I’m goinig to wash that man right out of my ass.”

  8. Ben Dover

    someone please punch her

  9. Proudly displaying atrophy of the soleus and gastrocnemius normally only in patients after wearing an ankle cast for more than six months, Rihanna has obviously confused her unsightly peg-legs with the desirable, shapely calves that come from moderate exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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