1. Dick Hell


  2. Cock Dr

    What a scribbley inked mess she’s turning into.

  3. henryhill

    She’s a doggystyle kinda gal anyway.

  4. vgrly

    I have to say that’s a beautiful tat. I wouldn’t do that to my body but it is nicely done. Her pain tolerance is definitely high.

  5. RyRy

    Sure she only got it there to make her breasts look bigger…which I’m sure it does, would love a wide shot ;)

  6. alex

    That seems about right.

  7. Am I the only one that noticed that her right nipple is completely exposed (nipple ring and all)?

  8. That’s gonna look fucking hilarious when she’s 70.

  9. Deryn

    I’ll bet it looks hilarious now, if you pull back a little. With no supporting arm, nipples for eyes and a belly button for a mouth, wellsir, you gotcher self a chest mustache right there, dontcha?

  10. I’m going to need to see it without her arm in the way. For no other reason than to make a better artistic judgment, don’tcha know…

  11. Sparky

    just another dumbass puppet who’s been told she’s the shit. educate yourselves people. eyes wide shut is no way to live.

  12. Super

    she and chris brown are matching now.

  13. This is not what I expected from a picture of Rihanna’s spread eagle.

  14. thank-you, masked man

    The joke is on Rihanna because that isn’t Isis, it’s Tonto.

  15. Aaaaannnnddd…your 15 minutes are up.

  16. mike

    the artist had a good show at least :P

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