1. Cock Dr

    Are those fake wax lips?
    That’s got to be the only reasonable explanation.

  2. Sir Mix Alot


  3. ALS

    Hooker ?

  4. SLH

    she’s dressing up as a hag who wears dead animal skins

  5. I See Pee

    what a mish mash of… of… of… Screw it. It’s just a mess.

  6. sakuraness

    I don’t get it

  7. gigi

    ew…. looks like she needs a good shower…. and the purple lace isn’t helping her cause at alll

  8. SmotherMeBrother

    Who is this tramp? Never heard of her.

  9. Whathafa

    Is she supposed to be Lil’ Kim?

  10. Kim

    Don’t know her but she’s the winner!!!

  11. EgoPolice

    she should arrest herself for putting to death those poor poor animals…for what? EGO VANITY nasty trash

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