1. Rush

    watch out, kid; he will fuck you.

  2. HeySamJo

    Is it me, or does he have an abnormally large head?

  3. Sir Mix Alot


  4. TJH

    Is this John Mayer with the troll that ended Steve Phillips career at ESPN?

  5. ALS

    Mayer looks decent, I suppose the girl is a fan, they make a great couple,
    now that’s right choice in a girl for John.

  6. SLH

    where’s the bulge?

  7. Jeff

    Isn’t he a little short for a stormtrooper?

  8. I See Pee

    I guess that I don’t know celebs. I haven’t recognized a one! Put the helmet back on!

  9. gigi

    that codpiece thingy is holding back one monster racist penis!!!! big girl better stand back!

  10. SmotherMeBrother

    He’s so gay.

  11. devilsrain

    Is this guy an attention whore or what



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