1. Cock Dr

    Costume? Isn’t that the way she usually dresses?

  2. Rufus The Cat

    Dressing in Whiteface?!?
    That’s as bad as when Ted Danson dressed up in blackface.

  3. Ash Bones

    Ohhhh, it’s a costume about race.

  4. taint

    are you people idiots that is from the movie dead presidents?!

  5. Sir Mix Alot


  6. Normal Male

    A whore and her chimp?

  7. Cardinal Fang

    CBS’s new crime drama: The Nigga and the Schoolgirl. Fighting crime out of the back of his Cadillac.

  8. SmotherMeBrother

    Who ARE these people? I mean I know they’re in costume (well not her really) but I don’t even know their names. Where are they from? What do they do? She’s obviously in porn right?

  9. jimmy

    save me jeeebus!

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