1. Sam

    Can someone enlighten me and tell me who this Barbie dressed woman is? Doesn’t look familiar.

    • rocio

      This is Tara Reid…. She was in Van Wilder and American Pie.

    • SmotherMeBrother

      I wondered the same thing! Doesn’t look anything like Tara Reid. This chick looks like she’s in her late forties trying to be in her early twenties & not doing a very good job at it. Talk about issues! Wow.

  2. jeez. i honestly thought it was kendra wilkinson….

    • SmotherMeBrother

      That’s insulting. Kendra is WWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY hotter! This hideous beast is well, I don’t even know why she’s famous at all. Just look at her. At least Kendra is pretty. This chick has nothing special that stands out about her at all.

  3. Sir Mix Alot


  4. gigi

    at least her crypt-keeper stomach is covered up sweetly… whew

  5. jummy

    fame whore dressed as a slutty doll…*yawn*

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