1. Actually, this is completely and totally safe. Seriously. There is ZERO chance of that cell phone causing any type of fire. Why? There are no moving parts in that phone. There is no “Switch” that goes of and sends a spark like an ignition in a car or a light switch.

    BTW, that whole “Your cell phone can cause a spark and start a fire by the gas pump” was started by an imbecilic female reporter who said (without any research whatsoever) that if you were on your phone by a gas pump, “There could be a chance you could cause a spark that would start a fire”. Keep in mind, this on-air “reveal” was done back when cell phones were those big-ass flip phones that only called people. No texting no nothing.

    Trust me, if there was a chance that your cell phone could start a fire at a gas pump, it would have happened. Show one story in the past 20 years from anywhere on this PLANET where someone has started a fire at a gas pump via chatting on there cell phone.

    A Nerd

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