1. Wardbock Smartfella

    Those boots are fucking horrible she should burn them with gasoline. She should chop up those boots, burn them and dump the ashes all over the person that told her those boots looked good. Her jeans are terrible too, what the fuck is going on with this nitwit. You don’t need to be fashionable but at least avoid looking like a homeless person.
    Bitch before you try and tell me you don’t look like a homeless person take your rich busted ass to Madison Avenue and see all the homeless people wearing those horrible boots for your God dammed self.
    The shoulders on that jacket don’t even fit your frame. Listen you twat, you can afford to buy tailored clothing educate yourself on the matter. You are no longer JC Penny off the rack trailer trash. You have millions of dollars and are supposed to be leading this fucking economy out of the shithole that it is in by inspiring people to be better. Stop dressing like the bag lady who everyone throws hot dogs at.
    I can tell you have a pair of bullshit flats that match those fucking horrible boots, you can burn those too.

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