1. She’s getting a little chunkie.

    • I have never thought she was hot. There was that one movie “man in the moon” where she looked like she’d end up being “CUTE” at best but never thought she was hot. In “Walk the Line” she looked her best but still…she is loved for her great acting not her great looks.

  2. The tatoo is there, so you can tell where her lilly white skin ends and her diaper bikini begins.

  3. GuidotheRed

    Fun fact: drop her in icy water and her teeth chattering will turn her chin into a tattoo needle

  4. The tattoo (or tattoos) looks like two swallows facing one another. Swallow tattoos signify loyalty, right? That or she’s an old, grizzled sailor who’s afraid her soul will be lost if she drowns…either way, she’s a titless Monet who can chisel granite with her chin.

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