1. Dave Mustaine


  2. Not really seeing what the big deal is here.

  3. adolf hitler

    this bitch is ugly as hell. she must be having the time of her life.

  4. Robo-Jihad


  5. pewbs

    Dave Mustaine – gay.

    Life Serial – gay.

    adolf hitler – gay and/or jealous.

    Robo-Jihad – gay/fat.

  6. Crystal

    Grow up pewbs, you sound like teenybopper fanboy. I know this may come as shock since you clearly have trouble accepting different opinions but not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about a celeb’s looks. What you consider attractive is not going to be considered attractive to others. There is no one on this earth that is considered good looking by everyone and no one who can truthfuly say that they have never found someone’s look unappealing and expressed that opinion about a celeb on a message board. Even the actors and actresses who are seen as sex symbols have people who don’t find them attractive.

    If finding Blake Lively unattractive makes a person gay or jealous, than the same applies to you over the celebs you find unattractive. By the way no over the age of 10 take the jealous line seriously unless they have the maturity of one. I’m sure if someone was going to be jealous of a celeb’s looks, it would be one they find beautiful.

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