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Let’s Watch Emperor Hogbody Energize The Youth Real Quick

Trump telling a bunch of kids about how much Obama sucked, how he’ll save Christmas, and how money buys you boats n’ hoes was a blatant rip off of my dunk uncle Frank’s 2009 Thanksgiving speech. More »

If You Give Charlie Riina 138 Water She’ll Take Her Top Off

I come bearing gifts! More »

Jake Paul: America’s Most Punchable Bro

The Internet creates a lot of monsters, Jake Paul is just the most guidance counselor-friendly right now. More »

Scott Disick Is Still A Real Disick Head

“You guys are crazy, I’m not addicted to sex I just mumph fumpf mumf…” – Scott Disick as he shoves his face between a stripper’s buttcheeks. More »

I Guess Harry Styles’ Fans Are Big History Buffs Now

Christopher Nolan is pretending like he had no idea casting Harry Styles was going to bring a hive of bloodthirsty preteen girls to see his WWII movie. More »

Leo Flew Commercial To Pick Up Chicks, Not Save The Environment

Apparently it’s news when Leonardo DiCaprio opts to fly commercial over private jet. Let’s be real though, there’s way more snatch to creep on a trans-Atlantic flight than on some stuffy old white dude’s plane. More »

Justin Bieber Banned From China For Being A Douche

Anybody wanna move to China? More »

Rob Kardashian Is Asking Scott Disick For Advice… Lol

Ask Scott Disick which brand of vodka best pairs with breakfast food, not how to clean up your public image… More »

David Beckham’s 12-Year-Old Is Recording More Uncomfortable Music

Yes I’m about to go in on a 12-year-old. Yes I’m aware I’m a horrible person. Yes his music is that bad that I feel it’s necessary. More »

Martha Hunt Flashing Underwear Gets Her Own Post

Sure she’s a horrible actress, but in this day and age it’s nice to see some people still believe in traditional undergarments. More »

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