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Emily Ratajkowski’s Breasts Deserve A Post

By: The Superficial / November 17, 2014
I almost just tossed these pics of Emily Ratajkowski's breasts at the Hollywood Film Awards into the drunk Johnny Depp post and said something like, "Haha, wouldn't it have been better posted if I talked about these, you guys?" But then I realized her breasts are people, too, and… More »

Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Wants To Crowdfund A Booty Onto Taylor Swift

By: The Superficial / November 13, 2014
Despite promising myself an ass hiatus after yesterday's 2014 Buttella Festival, I still have precious SEO to milk into my mouth, so here's Katy Perry's boyfriend publicly insulting the spot where Taylor Swift's butt should be: Get Taylor Swift A Booty— BABY DADDY (@diplo) November 12,… More »

Those Are Khloe Kardashian’s Nipples

By: The Superficial / November 10, 2014
I used up all my word juice on the Bertney post, so for these pics of Khloe Kardashian's nipples at French Montana's birthday party all you get is me saying, I thought Sasquatches birthed litters. Why aren't there six of them? Now enjoy these spilling into the pics of… More »

Selena Gomez’s Breasts Wore This

By: The Superficial / November 10, 2014
There've been enough awful posts over the past two weeks that everyone should know how this works: I write about something terrible like child abuse, and then follow it up with pictures of sexually attractive celebrities so everyone's distracted with an erection and/or how simple and disgusting men are. More »

Katharine McPhee Is Here To Help

By: The Superficial / November 5, 2014
After every Mama June Shannon post - and shit like this in West Virginia - I like to provide a palate cleanser so everyone doesn't shoot themselves in the copy room in a fit of depression. (RIP, Robin.) So here's Katharine McPhee's ass which I had no… More »

Jessica Chastain’s Probably Captain Marvel

By: Photo Boy / November 5, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy It's time for another round of 'Make Me Look Like An Ignorant Asshole,' a game Fish has been playing since our college days, but at least I now understand why he always offered to pay for the MD 20/20. "I heard the Peaches & Cream doesn't give you a hangover," he… More »

Jessica Biel Is Pregnant. For Real.

By: The Superficial / November 5, 2014
It seems like only six days ago I wrote a post about Jessica Biel being pregnant, and that's because I did because butt photos: whatever gets them on the site. But this time, there's an "official" announcement from Us Weekly, so now we can all sleep at night knowing… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Being Sued For $60 Million

By: The Superficial / October 31, 2014
So remember when Lindsay Lohan and her brother stole that dude's app? He actually thinks he's getting $60 million out of them. C'mon, she's not sucking that many dicks. -- Is she? Page Six reports: Actress Lindsay Lohan’s younger brother, once the scandal-scarred clan’s white sheep, is facing a… More »

At Least Jenny McCarthy’s Breasts Aren’t Horribly Damaging Kids- Wait

By: The Superficial / October 30, 2014
Usually this is the part where I post T&A pics to rinse everybody's brains from the child-destroying garbage that came before it. It's a small service I provide for the community, but I don't like to brag about it. Except I kind of fucked up and forgot to leave out the… More »

Rihanna’s Breasts Fought AIDS, Too

By: The Superficial / October 30, 2014
Here's Rihanna at yesterday's amfAR Inspiration Gala where she spent the whole night saying things like, "Damn! Miley Cyrus and that mouse with an Australian accent just shot a guy with a plunger!" And, "Oh snap, that fly's wearing a red shirt!" It really was an incredible… More »

Miley Cyrus Wore This To Fight AIDS

By: The Superficial / October 30, 2014
Because every post about misogynistic reactions to the academic discussion of sexist tropes should be followed by pics of Miley Cyrus' cleavage, here she is at last night's amfAR Inspiration Gala where she helped Dale and the other Rescue Rangers stop Fat Cat with a plane made out… More »

No Shit Gwyneth Paltrow Broke Up Chris Martin & Jennifer Lawrence

By: The Superficial / October 29, 2014
The very second Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin broke up, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it probably had to do with the woman he's technically still married to who also has a giant ego that's about to get her face baked into a… More »

Kim Kardashian Compared Herself To ‘I Love Lucy’

By: The Superficial / October 29, 2014
Once you've written about one reality show and the empty, mammoth husks of humanity that star in them, you kind of want to write about them all. So here's Kim Kardashian literally comparing Keeping Up With The Kardashians to I Love Lucy with a straight face. Although, it's not… More »

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Stopped F*cking

By: The Superficial / October 27, 2014
Presumably because Gwyneth Paltrow keeps Chris Martin's balls firmly ensconced in a hand-carved Sri Lankan testicle cuplet ($799.95, GOOP), his conscious coupling with Jennifer Lawrence's vagina has transcended this plane of reality, according to E! News. Plus it's not like he can't see her naked… More »

Blake Lively’s Pregnant Body Won The Angel Ball

By: The Superficial / October 21, 2014
Normally, pregnancy is God's way of cursing woman for using their filthy vagina holes for sex, but sometimes it can result a in beautiful transformation instead of the Beast of the Apocalypse. And such is the case with Blake Lively who took time away from running a website full of… More »

I’m Told This Is Renee Zellweger

By: The Superficial / October 21, 2014
If someone asked me to describe Renee Zellweger for a police sketch artist, the first words out of my mouth would be, "Lemons. She ate all the lemons." From there, I'd go into extensive detail about squinting, so let's cut the shit, who's this impostor? I'm looking at your entire eye, woman. Reveal… More »

Blake Lively’s Website Loves Slaveowners, Plagiarism

By: The Superficial / October 17, 2014
While Martha Stewart has declared all-out war on Gwyneth Paltrow, pretentious, young upstart Blake Lively is successfully torpedoing herself by publishing articles about the Antebellum South that would give Paula Deen a butter boner and then threatening to sue Gawker for epically calling… More »

And Now Back To Kesha Said, Dr. Luke Said

By: The Superficial / October 16, 2014
I'm going to start myself off in a hole here, and see how far I can climb myself out or dig myself even deeper as I do. Kesha's stint in rehab for an "eating disorder" has always seemed sketchy as shit. Especially when her mom checked in with her… More »

Selena Gomez Walks Around Her House Naked

By: The Superficial / October 16, 2014
After every awful post about child predators, or in this case the authors who defend them, I like to try and bring eveybody back to a happy place. So here's Selena Gomez telling Ellen she likes to walk naked around her new, Justi… More »

And Now Back To BEWBS (Specifically Courtney Stodden And Mozart Ones)

By: The Superficial / October 15, 2014
For the sake of this post, let's pretend I have two types of readers because broad generalizations are fun and easy. There are the thinkers and the boob lookers, and like any good parent, I love both of you equally. (To your face. Privately? I've plotted one of your deaths. Again, like a good parent.)… More »

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