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Elle Evans Doing Bikini Things With Matt Bellamy on A Giant Yacht

Props to Elle Evans for being able to take off with her rockstar boyfriend and go jetskiing in St. Tropez while I cool off in this backyard baby pool of content. *Cracks a Fresca*

“Cut the water off, Frank- she’s overflowing!” More »

Who Gave Lena Dunham A Dog In The First Place?

Spoiler alert: It was the dog/shelter’s fault she couldn’t keep it because eeevverryybodyy hates poor Lena! More »

Brad Pitt Probably Banged Sienna Miller In A Winnebago

You know what they say, “when the ‘bago is a-rockin, don’t let any paparazzi nearby or else they’ll find out how much you love feet.” More »

Andrew Garfield Isn’t Gay for Anything But Acting

So he watched a lot of Drag Race while preparing for a role as a gay man, that doesn’t mean anything. Would people say he was in the closet if he suddenly binge watched all the Mission Impossible movies? More »

Seriously Guys, Lindsay Lohan Wants Everyone To Be Nicer To Trump, Okay!

It’s either Lindsay Lohan or her coke-fueled gremlin twin from Parent Trap at it again! More »

Rob “Blob” Kardashian Is Hands-Down The Dumbest Kardashian

A few hours ago Robblob went on a scathing tirade against the mother of his child and the keeper of many other men’s penises… sounds like the news of her being a ‘slore’ is hitting him like a truck.

*shoves popcorn into mouth* More »

James Cromwell Is Hard AF

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is going to jail in protest of an evil power plant. What’s the over/under that he comes out with a teardrop face tattoo? More »

New Jumanji Trailer Wants To Crap All Over Your Childhood

It’s like they had a generic action movie set in the jungle that couldn’t get off the ground and then slapped a Jumanji franchise tag on it and the execs all cannonballed into a jacuzzi full of cocaine. More »

Scarlett Johansson’s New Boyfriend Has A Testicle Face

You’re looking at the only person on the planet who saw Howie Mandel’s bald head/soul patch combo and said, “you know what… that’s a pretty sweet look.” More »

‘Avengers’ Iron Man And Dr. Strange BTS Photos and More News

Robert Downey Jr. is packin’ more than one Arc Reactor in these behind the scene photos (I’m talking about his gut)… then again it could just be a fat stunt double in some MOCAP pajamas. More »

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