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Brangelina Have Called A Truce (For The Next 5 Minutes)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to keep their court documents sealed and play nice. For now. More »

A Ridiculous Butt-Ton Of Pics From The Golden Globes

Here’s a whole bunch of Golden Globes red carpet photos that are way more interesting than whatever it is you’re doing. Providing for your family? Pfft, boring. More »

John Travolta Is Hydra, It’s All Over For Us Now

How Do Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Bang? I’m Glad You Asked

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a special term for telling their kids they’re going to bone in broad daylight while everyone’s awake. More »

Carrie Fisher Wrapped ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Before She Died

Carrie Fisher will definitely be in Episode VIII and not as a weird, CGI character that steals your soul. (Hopefully.) More »

Blake Lively’s Breasts Are Still Awesome, Oh Thank God

Blake Lively’s breasts are still the shit. Suck it, 2016! More »

Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs, How Are They?

Let’s check in on Jennifer Lawrence’s breast parts because that’s what I do for a living. More »

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