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Yellow Grimace & The 71st Annual Golden Globes

By: The Superficial / January 13, 2014
Because I wasn't fucking around when I said we're getting in and out of the Golden Globes, here's the rest of the shit you might possibly, but not really, need to know. Starting with these red carpet photos, this Ronan Farrow tweet which is so awesome, he has to… More »

The Best Looking Women At The Golden Globes: A Non-Definitive Or Even Comprehensive List

By: The Superficial / January 13, 2014
Just in case you didn't believe me that the Golden Globes were boring as all hell, here are the most attractive women from the red carpet: Amy Adams, Margot Robbie, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, and Olivia Wilde. And if you're wondering,… More »

Your Internet Girlfriend Photobombed Taylor Swift

By: The Superficial / January 13, 2014
For those of you who live real lives instead of a candy-coated titty land where moral decay and excess rule the day, the Golden Globes were last night and, holy shit, were they boring as fuck. So we're going to get through them as quickly as possible… More »

One Of These People Had No Idea The Other Was Going To Be There, Try And Guess Which One

By: The Superficial / January 10, 2014
I'm not going to lie to you. If someone paid us to run an entire site that's nothing but Leonardo DiCaprio being forced to interact with Jonah Hill at movie premieres, we'd quit this bitch in a heartbeat. Photos: Getty, Splash New… More »

Justin Bieber Egged His Neighbor’s House

By: The Superficial / January 10, 2014
If you only follow Justin Bieber's Instgram, you'd see the above photo of him from eight hours ago that shows a nice, friendly pop star posing with a sweet little girl. It's downright wholesome, and I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with him getting caught last night egging the house of the… More »

Heidi Klum & Jessica Alba Are The Rest of The People’s Choice Awards

By: The Superficial / January 9, 2014
Considering we did one post about the People's Choice Awards last year (Read: You forgot the boobs.), I entirely forgot they were a thing. But then Kat Dennings' breasts changed all that because this year we have four posts, including a Bertney story, which will be forgotte… More »

Bertney Wins A Trophy!

By: The Superficial / January 9, 2014
Bertney Wins A Trophy! A Scholastic Learning Book Bertney was excited. Papa had told her she was getting an award for Favorite Pop Artist. She didn't know what that meant, but she guessed it had to do with the time he made her say "Bitch" into a microphone. It was a funny word, and Bertney… More »

Kat Dennings’ Breasts Host Awards Shows Now

By: The Superficial / January 9, 2014
Oh, so that's why she was on Conan with that other chi- *stops caring, looks at boobs* Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News, WENN… More »

Malin Akerman’s Breasts Didn’t Stand A Chance

By: The Superficial / January 9, 2014
Because she's surrounded by yes men who didn't warn her that Kat Dennings' breasts would be there in all their majesty and splendor, Malin Akerman tried to make this outfit happen at the People's Choice Awards last night which was a fool's errand. She might as well have showed… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop Full of Naked Photos Just Got ‘Stolen’

By: The Superficial / January 8, 2014
Remember around six, seven years ago when "celebrities" would claim their laptops got "stolen at the airport" as nude pictures of them conveniently started popping up on the Internet raising their profile? Apparently Lindsay Lohan just did. TMZ reports: Lindsay claims her computer was stolen at the airport in Shanghai, China,… More »

Beth Behrs Grabbed Kat Dennings’ Breast

By: The Superficial / January 8, 2014
Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs probably have some sort of acting thing together, but that's not important enough for me to Google, because here's a clip of Beth accidentally grabbing Kat's breast on Conan last night. And to then untrained mortal eye it looks like everyone shared… More »

Farrah Abraham’s Fake Boyfriend Had A Real Girlfriend This Whole Time

By: The Superficial / January 7, 2014
One of my favorite pastimes is watching Farrah Abraham's lies epically fall apart with only the slightest of breezes because she's a fucking idiot. So here's Radar reporting that her fake boyfriend had a real girlfriend this whole time. Which will be fun to keep in mind if you… More »

Ke$ha Has An Eating Disorder Because Her Producer Called Her A Refrigerator

By: The Superficial / January 6, 2014
Over the weekend, Ke$ha announced she's checked into rehab for an eating disorder which apparently is the result of her producer Dr. Luke saying she looks like a "fucking refrigerator." So here's that while I cross out, "Girl, I want to put cold cuts in you like a Kenmore,"… More »

Jennifer Lawrence Will Talk About Butt Plugs Now

By: The Superficial / December 19, 2013
Earlier this morning I was informed that America is Sodom and Gomorrah now, and lo and behold, here's Jennifer Lawrence talking about her "copious amounts of butt plugs" on Conan last night because she's simply delightful. That said, my apologies for posting two… More »

Jonah Hill Standing Next To Leonardo DiCaprio Is What’s Been Missing From Your Life

By: The Superficial / December 18, 2013
Like the cast of Duck Dynasty, I'm going to shoot it to you straight the way God intended it. There wasn't a Most Important People over the weekend because, well, there weren't a whole lot of comments to justify one. Fortunately Internet Jesus saw fit to place Jonah Hill… More »

Kim Kardashian Can’t Believe People Think She Waxed North West’s Unibrow

By: The Superficial / December 18, 2013
In case you can't tell we're only a week out from Christmas, the top story of the moment is whether or not Kim Kardashian did something to North West's unibrow before posting a picture of her to Instagram. An accusation Kim finds "sick" because she's usually such an honest… More »

Colin Farrell Tapped That

By: The Superficial / December 17, 2013
In a new interview with Ellen, Colin Farrell admits to having a "romantic relationship" with Elizabeth Taylor in 2009 after bumping into her at the hospital. So here's that while I try and see if Colin Farrel and Russell Brand have ever been in the same place… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Writing A Tell-All Book

By: The Superficial / December 16, 2013
Almost a year ago to this day, James Franco said in an interview that the main reason Lindsay Lohan doesn't get her shit together is because every time she goes to jail or rehab, someone offers her a book deal. A claim that seemed laughable until this weekend whe… More »

It’s A Vadgity Chipmunk Christmas Card!

By: The Superficial / December 16, 2013
Miley Cyrus might be the most over-exposed, played out pop star of the moment whose Justin Bieber-face and vagina haunt my dreams, but what people don't know about her is that she's also an activist. An activist for such pressing and important causes as Free The Nipple, a… More »

Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding, Anyone?

By: The Superficial / December 11, 2013
If you happened to see photos of Gisele Bundchen looking fucking fantastic at the Oral B event in Sao Paolo yesterday, what you might not have known is that right before going on stage, a baby was sucking on her breasts. But now you do because Gisele wanted to… More »

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