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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Probably Dating Again or Whatever

I’m pretty sure if you’re willing to wear someone’s sweaty, stinky hockey jersey, you’re probably dating… or their captive. More »

So That’s What a $2 Million Bra Looks Like…

Looks like something out of Aladdin on Ice, but whatever… I’ve seen people spend money on dumber shit. More »

Donald Trump Jr. Was a Dipshit for Halloween

Besides dressing up like his dad in an American flag bodysuit, Junior also used his kids as props to (unsuccessfully) troll liberals on Twitter. This will most likely be his last Halloween outside of jail, so I’m glad he had a nice time… More »

Tyrese Sure Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed Today

Talk about a crumby day for Tyrese! He stubbed his toe getting out of bed, the barista gave him whole milk instead of soy, AND he’s having a very public emotional breakdown on social media! Shucks! More »

Kevin Spacey Grabbed a Dick Once (Ok, Maybe More Than Once)

On a positive note… at least this new one was over 18? More »

People Who Dressed Their Boobs Up for Halloween: 2017 Edition

What kind of haunted house is this?? More »

Teresa Giudice Takes Anti-Immigrant Shot at Sofia Vergara

It didn’t end well… More »

The Property Bros. Showed off Their Testicles for Halloween

Johnathan and Drew Scott brought a bit of grundle action to their costumes this year. More »

Uncle Harv Thinks He’s a ‘Martyr for Social Change’

D’OHH OKAY. More »

Hillary Duff DGAF About a Parking Ticket

Loading zone? Please… Duff Ryders park anywhere they want. More »

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