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Scott Disick Went to The White House

After hosting a grand opening event at a nearby candy shop (not joking), Lord Disickhead most likely made a B-line for the minibar in the Lincoln room to kill his hangover. More »

How to Handle Reporters: Mexican Red Carpet Style

Never ask a Mexican soap star about his familia!! More »

A Duggar-in-Law Thinks Racism Doesn’t Exist

Oh please, guy who married into a family that doesn’t allow women to show their knees, enlighten the world further on how racism is just one big “anomaly in history.” More »

The Sexual Harassment Inquisition Comes For Jason Momoa


Chrissy Teigen’s Boobs: All Over the Place or Right Where They Belong?

Personally I think they belong all over the place, so this is a win-win. More »

I’m Sure All This Butt Stuff is Great Pub for ‘Justice League’

Twitter is already calling him “Buttman,” but I strongly prefer Ben Assleck. More »

Kylie Jenner Just Figured Out That Babies Make You Fat

Leave it to the Kardashians to come up with some crock of shit like a “pregnancy diet.” I’m done. More »

Ben Affleck is America’s Next Top Sexual Predator

Stick around because tomorrow’s line-up consists of Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, and that backpack kid that dances with Katy Perry. More »

Jules Liesl and Other Things That Have Nothing to do With Harvey Weinstein

Let’s just take a breasty breather from all this Harvey Weinstein mess for a sec… More »

Lohan is Defending Harvey Weinstein (In an English Accent, Obviously)

To quote the lyrical laureate and substance abuse awareness advocate Stitches, “Sorry if you didn’t know that your girl love my blow/ One hit, now the girl on the pole. I love sellin’ blow.” More »

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