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Mickey Rourke: If These Balls Could Talk

Fun fact: Mickey Rourke’s balls can actually speak and they sound like a grizzled woman from Ft. Lauderdale who’s smoked two packs a day since 1952. More »

What Do You Mean, The Teen Choice Awards Were A Dumpster Fire?

How could it have sucked if Jake Paul was performing?? More »

Bieber DM’s Hot Stranger on Instagram… Gets Denied

I guess she didn’t feel like going to his bible study. More »

Brittney Palmer Doing Mermaid Things and Other News

The last time I splattered this gold sparkly paint on myself and posed like this, I was forcibly removed from Shoe Carnival. More »

Cassandra Scerbo’s Boobs, How Are They?

Let’s check in with Cassandra Scerbo’s breast parts because that’s what I do for a living. More »

Kendall Jenner In A Hibernation Pod Or Something… For Shoes

Fun fact: Every time Kendall Jenner hands a cop a pair of sambas, Baltimore’s crime rate drops. More »

Aaron Carter: Coming To A Hamburger Joint Near You

Catch him at your local gay bar/hamburger dive and watch him cry on stage while playing instrumental beats… seriously, that happened. More »

Victoria Silvstedt’s Cleavage Contraption and Other News

The Swedish beauty queen has some sort of brassiere that was probably stolen from the movie Wild Wild West. More »

Kylie Jenner Should Quit TV Now, Right?

Her new reality show The Life of Kylie was a bigger flop than her brother falling into a pool (seriously his own show’s ratings were better). More »

Taylor Swift Takes The Stand Against Gropey McGrabbybutt

The actual word used by Taylor Swift involved Gropey McGrabbybutt “latching” onto her bare ass like a gosh darn suckerfish and it’s not looking good for McGrabbybutt’s attorneys. More »

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