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Hurricane Maria Ruined Melissa Joan Hart’s Vacation

While Puerto Rico remains without power and the death toll climbs by the minute, let’s take a minute to feel sorry for Melissa Joan Hart and her cancelled plans to the Caribbean. More »

Olympia Valance Topless, Anyone?

Olympia Valance swimming topless isn’t necessarily photo evidence of Bigfoot, but it’s quite the scientific discovery nonetheless. More »

Ah Shit, Ariel Winter’s Mom is on TV

Ariel’s mom is getting paid by Inside Edition to go on TV and talk shit about how slutty her daughter is… what the fuck is wrong with you 2017? More »

For Every Song You Download, Liam Gallagher Has to Make His Own Tea

“You’re pulling the earl gray right out of my fucking mouth!” — The cantankerous Englishman More »

The New Punisher Trailer is Like STOMP With Guns

Netflix’s new Punisher trailer is actually impressive; though, it’s set to Metallica and doesn’t make you wonder why you spent $75 to watch people play drums on trash cans. More »

Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft Can Jump Really Far

Seriously, this new trailer is just her jumping off of shit/on to shit/out of shit. It’s like somebody used a low-gravity cheat code or something. More »

Jessica Simpson Drunk, Anyone?

These are probably the drunkest photos ever taken of Jessica Simpson and it’s only Tuesday… More »

Take a Minute to Thank Sylvia Hoeks for Doing ‘Blade Runner’

She’s not going to be the make or break casting choice for Blade Runner 2049, but she definitely doesn’t hurt… More »

Someone’s Suing Taylor Swift Again for Something Stupid

This photo was taken just moments before she shot lightning from her fingers, scorching any evidence against her in this case. More »

Brace Yourselves for Blac Chyna’s Rap Debut

Have you puked yet this morning? No? More »

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