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James Cromwell Is Hard AF

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is going to jail in protest of an evil power plant. What’s the over/under that he comes out with a teardrop face tattoo? More »

New Jumanji Trailer Wants To Crap All Over Your Childhood

It’s like they had a generic action movie set in the jungle that couldn’t get off the ground and then slapped a Jumanji franchise tag on it and the execs all cannonballed into a jacuzzi full of cocaine. More »

Scarlett Johansson’s New Boyfriend Has A Testicle Face

You’re looking at the only person on the planet who saw Howie Mandel’s bald head/soul patch combo and said, “you know what… that’s a pretty sweet look.” More »

‘Avengers’ Iron Man And Dr. Strange BTS Photos and More News

Robert Downey Jr. is packin’ more than one Arc Reactor in these behind the scene photos (I’m talking about his gut)… then again it could just be a fat stunt double in some MOCAP pajamas. More »

I Guess John Mayer Is Offically A Stinky Deadhead Now Who Only Smokes Weed

He’s replaced booze with weed after touring with Dead & Company and is channeling the ghosted feeling of Katy Perry’s boobs through his bendy guitar strings. More »

George Lucas Handling Dumb Paparazzi Questions Just Made My Day

George Lucas walked out of a restaurant into a barrage of idiots trying to talk to him about stuff he doesn’t care about. Honestly, it’s kind of inspirational and we should strive to give this few shits. More »

Kelly Osbourne Peed Her Pants Yesterday, Guys!

If Kelly Osbourne ever shows up at your coffee shop (God forbid your living room) and has to use the bathroom, you need to get her in there fast before she stinks up your carpet. More »

Somebody Really Hates Kelly Rohrbach

A “source” spilled the beans to PageSix that Kelly Rohrbach’s bitchy attitude is killing her career. More »

A Pile of Scarves Wearing A Hat Drunkenly Mumbled Something About Trump

Oh, it’s just Johnny Depp – my bad, I thought we had another scarf haunting on our hands… You all remember what happened last time. More »

Someone Get Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend to Release His Tax Returns

Ariel Winter has had enough of Star Magazine, blasting them as fake news for saying she gives boyfriend Levi Meaden an allowance. The American people need to see those returns, LEVI! What are you hiding!? More »

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