1. Cock Dr

    I love it. It’s art!
    Ms. Hendricks looks fine.
    I wish I could come up with a good joke about the orange man.

  2. k

    Some women (like me and Christina here) tend to gain a lot up top when they put on weight. She’s clearly much heavier now than she was 10 years ago.

  3. hello

    fake tits under fat. they always look real.

  4. still hit it

    she was probably straving herself to be a model at that point….first thing to go is the funbags…..much better now

  5. Heather

    While it is a possibility that they are natural and got MUCH bigger due to the weight she put on, it’s not a solid truth for all women. Just because someone gains or looses wight does not mean her boobs will get huge or tiny. I have gained 20 lbs, and then lost 15, and unfortunately my boobs remained the same huge size all through it. Even after consulting a plastic surgeon (to find out my options as far as reductions go) i was told loosing more weight would do nothing, as i do not store fat in my breast tissue, that they are 100% glandular, and the only thing to change their size would be surgery.

    I think a lot of celbs hide behind what is considered this golden rule that weight gain/birth control/”that time of the month” whatever else will make their breasts look much larger, when in reality, theyve had a boob job.

    • Rose

      I think it’s different for everyone. I am currently 5’2, 120 lbs, and have 34d’s naturally. When I was 136 lbs (a 16 lb difference, probably less than the amt of weight Ms. Hendricks, being much taller, seems to have put on), I had 34dd’s that barely fit in most 34dd bras. Then again, when I was 113 lbs, I had 34c’s. I’m not for or against breast augmentation, have no real opinion regarding whether Ms. Hendricks really had surgery, but would just like to put in my own two cents based on personal experience. FLuctuations in cup size owing to weight is very real. I mean, in the course of a month, water retention could already increase my cup at least half a size. Even being on the pill or off the pill will change breast size. My friend went on the low dose pill and gained one whole cup size.

  6. J


  7. Spongeroll

    First of all, Christina Hendricks was not extremely skinny in that photo shoot (at least not as skinny as most models nowadays are). Second, she is not extremely fat right now, in fact she’s not fat at all, just a little more plump than most other actresses.
    Conclusion: the weight she’s gained between that playboy shoot and now can’t have been SO MUCH that it made her breasts grow into ridiculously large bowling balls. That’s simply impossible. If that was true, almost all the weight she’s gained must’ve gone straight into her boobs. And I think everyone must agree that’s impossible.
    So the only possible explanation ist that she’s had implants. Maybe the increased weigt also made her boobs grow, but it cant have been that much.
    i wonder why a woman who’s already got nice boos would get implants that make her look like she has ridiculously large balloons stuck on her torso.

    • Alex

      Big boobs make even thin girls look fat. You’re right, she’s not even big. Her her huge implants that make her look fatter than she was in that photo. Otherwise, she’s pretty much the same size.

  8. Mel

    I’m gonna continue to not believe they’re fake. Her weight did change and for some people it goes different places.. I personally only gained 10 pounds once.. and everyone thought I got a boob job. It was that much of a difference. So it is possible. She also does some extreme pushing up with the clothes she wears.

  9. I beg to disagree with the “she got implants” craze somewhat.
    Check the cross-section on those things. Those are thin chick big boobs – add some nom, and they will expand into creamy 3D awesomeness.

    • Alex

      Why is it hard for you to believe that celebrities get a ton of plastic surgery? It’s free for them since they can write it off their taxes as a business expense, and they pay a huge amount in taxes. They’d be stupid not to get whatever plastic surgery they’ve always dreamed of since that money is going to be taken out of their paycheck no matter what.

  10. eff

    it’s the push-up bra in the comparison photo that makes her breasts look so much larger than in the playboy shoot. i have a very similar body type, and my breasts look much smaller in a bikini top than when they are boosted up in a push-up bra. we would need to see a picture of Christina in a similar bikini top to really make a comparison to her older photo.

  11. Niabalski

    Uh. Yeeeeaahh. You people need to get over it. Who cares what happened to her. You’ll never know the truth so you’re attempts at being right in your boring monologues are pointless.

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