1. Hugh Gentry

    where is her right can??

  2. first

    First, as in Numero Uno.

  3. Trillian

    I don’t know, if you take your mouse and outline all the way from the side to the middle, it would still make a pretty big boob and don’t forget she’s put on some pounds in the last 11 years. She didn’t look as busty on Firefly either.

    • I thought she was pretty busty on Firefly.

    • yup

      i agree! she’s still a good c-cup, at least, if you actually take a look. at first glance they look small, but if you actually look at they way they lie, they are pretty big.

      they jury is still out for me about whether its weight gain or fake ones….i lean towards a bit of both. she had nice sized boobs before, but i think as the rest of her grew (and i am not saying she’s fat – i think she still looks pretty good), she wanted to keep her boobs ahead of the trend and got some implants.

  4. Peter

    fake bitch

  5. is her boob melting? her boob is melting.

  6. DM

    Guess the cat’s out the bag… lol

  7. boing

    nips or bust!

  8. Reggie Rhino

    This image was twelve years and about a 100 lbs. ago. No wonder her tits are so much smaller, but then again so was her butt!

  9. jako


  10. still hit it

    real or fake who cares…..i’d pay her to tie me to a chair and beat me sencless with them

  11. Frank

    fake tits…..woman are the most deceiving

  12. J

    Wow, I never could have imagined Christina Hendricks so tanned!

  13. Naz

    Is that Jerry O’Connell photobombing again?

  14. Fraser

    Is that his natural complexion or is he an abuser of sunbeds?
    He reminds me of a male Donatella Versace.

  15. She’s talked about starving herself when she was a model. Stop doing that and you go back to a normal weight. Not everyone with huge tits buys them. Some of us are just blessed/burdened with them.

  16. Andriiya

    Photoshop: HOW DOES IT WORK???

  17. Sacha

    I think we’re all ignoring the obvious. Why the HELL is there a clown in that photo? What sick fuck would ever jack off to that photo?

  18. Mama Pinkus


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