1. Brobible


  2. Definitely the worst $10 to $110 million ever spent. If Tiger spread it over all of his hookers/girlfriends then everything would have been kept quiet. He paid one for silence and everyone else squawked, loudly. To her credit here she doesn’t have pounds of makeup or stripper heels on the beach. Looks like a healthy normal chick. Must have a lot of talents.

  3. Suze

    I’m suffering from dog envy.

  4. mj

    Is that Snooki walking along behind her??

  5. JoeC

    His ex-wife was hotter than this chick, or any of his other hookers for that matter. By the looks of the guy she’s with, it looks like she’s still on the stroll.

  6. I cannot look away from the semi-canine ewok thing. It is sort of cute and terrifying at once.

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