1. burton


  2. sborraInBoc

    I’d put my tower in her hallowed round any day.

  3. I may be wrong, but I’ve always thought Dr. Drew seemed like a pretty good guy.

    Unlike most of the other “tv shrink” asshats, he conveys a degree of candor and un-bullshit-ness…

    But who knows?

  4. ktulu

    Fuck off you race baiting douche, the 9/11 mosque isn’t about white vs. brown people and you know it.

  5. eww

    Just because I think it’s incredibly tasteless and immoral to build a mosque as close to the Twin Towers as possible, for the express reason being that it’s as close to the Twin Towers as possible, doesn’t make me white or a Christian. Islam is disgusting, anti-human propaganda, this coming from a perfectly liberal yuppie left-leaning hippie. Try reading the Qu’ran for a start before you make the whole Islam debate about race. And what exactly is the point of foisting your political opinion into an entertainment news commentary? Last I checked this wasn’t fucking Newsweek. There was a day when superfish’s commentary didn’t fail so much, I guess it’s time to quit reading.

  6. Odins Acolyte

    I detest Marxist liars and all their ilk. You loose.

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