1. yoop

    “How much for a bag of weed? Hang on, let me go get my purse!”

  2. Shitty Vader’s gotta be like the sweetest, most well endowed dude on earth because, seriously. Not even I look that much like a freshly extracted gallbladder.

  3. Thanks for the year-end reminder that she’s dating young Annakin. I thought I condemned him to die alone?

  4. yawn

    he must be the laziest actor alive.. every other actor his age is working out buffing up and he’s content being a doughy looking twat.. fits his whiny ass personality i suppose.. remember actors dont act they play themselves with costumes on/different words to say that match their personalities.. so that whiny twat you see is the same whiny twat he must be in real life.. kudos on snagging this piece of ass tho!

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