1. Josephus

    I’m pretty sure “Tang Polo” is a game Prince Harry plays most weekends, actually.

  2. Pixie

    He is a shithead. I’m a girl with alopecia and you can be damn sure out there if there were things to prevent that shit, I’d be fekking taking it too. Asshole. I hope he goes bald this summer.

    • In my dream fantasy he repeats this to Caroline of Monaco, who once had your problem, and she knees him square in the nuts and then has him tortured and executed.

      I sort of look forward to the near future, when all Canadians abroad will claim they’re American simply because of this fuckwad’s idiot mouth.

  3. DanS

    It’s 2012. Time to bic that shit, Billy Boy.

  4. JB_Sodomized_my_Cat

    What is the big deal with baldness? Propecia, Minoxidil or any other of that stuff isn’t 100%. Plus once you start it you can’t stop or you lose it. Transplants look like someone planted corn on your head.
    There is no cure.
    It can’t be helped. Like being ugly or retarded…Like Bieber.

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