1. Tidbit

    “This is how we do it with eachother on lonely nights in the British Army.”

  2. Tidbit

    “And now you know the meaning of Cockney, lass.”

  3. Any doubts I had regarding the ongoing validity of the monarchy have been allayed–they have actual star buttholes.

  4. vanteal

    Hey, So the guy knows how to have a good time…You know his family is going to give him a hard time about this..his country even more so..But he’s just being a young horny human…If any one of us were invited by a bunch of hot chicks to play strip anything..We would be there in a heart beat!…I say “GOOOOOO prince harry!” You da man!

  5. stephenj

    what a cheeky cunt he is….

  6. reddevil



    fucking all the same!

  8. matth

    the royal bungus

  9. Mumbler

    “Now, the Star-Butted Sneetches had buttholes with stars. The Plain-Butted Sneetches had none upon thars.”

  10. Carla


  11. Anderson Pooper

    Vegas girls: the achilles heel of homely royalty.

  12. Sabra Victoria

    I think it is so terrible for the Brits to see this,Oh that’s right these pictures can’t be shown in the U.K.. Can you imagine being yelled at by the Queen of England?”OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!! Or to the TOWER. Lucky for him he is a prince.

  13. mbparikh

    fucking all the same

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