1. Gin&Tonic

    why’s the royal family pissed off about this? they should be thanking their lucky shillings that his swastica-wearing phase has been replaced with a vegas-tramp wearing phase

  2. Sexy is not one-size-fits-all

    Finally, a naked dude on this site! YES!

  3. Somehow the star on his asshole is worse than seeing the orifice itself.

  4. I choose to believe that Prince Harry is a performance artist, actively making a mockery of monarchy and snubbing his nose at the asinine, antiquated tradition of false importance imparted from a history of bloodshed and greed. I, for one, am a fan. TEAM HARRY!!!

  5. Pessimist

    Other countries would pay for such a royal house. The fapponomous Waity-Katie and the Nazi-Masquerade Prince Harry. … Much more audience can’t be reached!

  6. BSName

    Its 2012. Why is the resolution so crappy?

    • weaselmouse

      Because it was shot a 100 yards away through the peephole of a door and then photo-corrected so it was a right-side-up image…?

  7. Freebie48

    I’m sure royals have been playing around naked for thousand of years. They just didn’t have camera phones back then.

  8. paul kirkwood

    Get in there lad your father would .

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