1. Deacon Jones

    But looking into the camera, Mila slowly came to the realization that maybe she was just “tits and ass” as the oversexed producer had told her on the set of “That 70s Show” as he pulled up his pants.
    *CLICK CLICK CLICK!* went the cameras…
    “Mila, over here! Right here Mila!”
    “Maybe, maybe I WAS cast for my looks throughout my career. Maybe getting knocked up will greatly reduce my chances of getting any other parts”
    And it was right there, on a breezy night on the red carpet next to Channing (who reeked of booze) that Mila came to one realization “My career is over”.

  2. JC

    “Hmm,” Channing thought to himself. “Mila’s womb feels…douchier than usual.”

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