1. Butt Plugger

    Some tree stumps right there

  2. Deacon Jones

    She looks like the giant in “Time Bandits” that walks out of the ocean with that ship on its head.

  3. anonymous

    She looks like a busted Ketchup packet.

  4. Fred

    IS there such thing as fat pissporn?
    She gained at least 75lbs

  5. The Pope

    Hey, Kool Aid!

  6. aw

    Are you guys kidding me? You are bashing a pregnant woman? May as well kick a dog when its down. I don’t like the woman, or any of the kardashians, but talking about a pregnant woman like that is just an embarrassment. Imagine seeing guys or girls shit talk your wife, girlfriend or daughter because of her weight while pregnant. Have a little respect people. You are the reason society is so fucked up these days.

    • anonymous

      Actually Kim K is the reason people are fucked up these days. How is bashing a pregnant Kim K = to bashing all pregnant women?

      I guess that means all pregnant women started off as gold-digging, attention-whore pornstars too?

  7. Cock Dr


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