1. malco

    Nice airbrushing. :)

  2. mc

    wow, the most airbrushing ever…even the belly button looks to be in the wrong spot

  3. Cock Dr

    And the award for outstanding achievement in PhotoShop manipulation goes to……..the arts and layout department of Elle magazine! Yay!
    What an effort; you guys must be so proud.

  4. oh


  5. hattie

    are we sure that she didn’t just leave chilis? they have a great lunch special going on now…

  6. chris breezy boxing academy

    For the first time ever getting pregnant took away her stretch marks

  7. Deacon Jones

    I just flashed back to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” when the people starting morphing into cartoons.

  8. Never in human history has someone incubated so much stupid for such a long period of time. She isn’t due on December 21st, 2012, is she?

  9. Brad

    Boner achieved.

  10. The photoshop work in this picture is AMAZING. You can’t even see the Big Mac, or the slice of pizza.

  11. Neen

    No pregnant woman has a normal looking bellybutton!

    • Good catch. Even Demi had an outie in her nekkid picture. Though, in fairness, she was housing one of the uberjaw-babies at that point.

  12. George P Burdell

    They needed some industrial strength Photoshop just to fit her on a magazine cover.

  13. Tennessee Ernie Chrysler

    How about posing nude when you’re NOT pregnant. Having babies is nice and everything. But it’s NOT SEXY.

  14. jerBeer

    Yes I would eat that ass clean

  15. mrsmass

    there is no way she’s not due any day.

  16. Lee

    can we see the NON photoshopped pic, a woman that short would have shitloads of stretchmarks…Iam 8.5 months preg and not even that huge!

  17. Jules

    I was due to deliver my child 3 days ago (yup, still pregnant) and she’s bigger than me in her UNphotoshopped photos. Here, not so much. Someone deserves an award for this.

    • Hey, good luck with your own baby, Jules! :)

    • Yup

      Keep in mind she’s only 5’2 and has a small frame so if she gains some weight (let alone an entire pregnancy worth) she’s going to look huge in pictures. I’m sure she has some kind of weight loss endorsement lined up for after she has the baby. So no fear, you’ll be fatter than Jessica Simpson again in no time.

  18. Katie

    Idiots… She’s not pregnant just full figured.

  19. tommy

    Wow… ruined, just ruined.

    Hello stretchmarks, stupid cunt.

  20. rican

    That’s her after Taco Bell, where’s the preggo photo?

  21. Jimm

    That girl is beautiful!!
    With or without makeup she is hot! Even my girl loves her!

  22. Austin (Danger) Powers

    That’s a MAN BABY!

  23. sexybrains

    If she looks that soft and mushy WITH airbrushing, WTF must she actually look like? Shudder

  24. Hugh Johnson

    lookit dem tittaes! Just lookit dem! Tittaes the size of my head!

  25. absinthe

    So much photoshop, it actually looks like a painting. The fake shadow underneath her boob just jumps out at me.

  26. amanda

    pregnant bellies are disgusting, good thing this one is just a cartoon

  27. The Photoshop crew at Elle could have saved themselves a lot of time by just ‘shopping her head onto my body. It would have been more realistic, to boot.

  28. Besides which, the picture must have been taken 4-5 months ago.

  29. Sam

    I’m loving that her “pregnant belly” doesn’t have an outie bellybutton. You’d think they would at least get THAT right.

    • Amy

      Not every woman gets an outtie. I went my entire pregnancy without my belly button popping out…granted toward the end it was oddly flat, but it never popped out.

  30. Eli

    She’s got a toddler in there. Hide yo kids…

  31. cutthecrap

    While I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to look at this nitwit’s stretchmarks, let’s get for real, the ridiculous “innie” bellybutton is way off center, the perfect cresent shadow under her tits are pathetic, not to mention there is not the predictable dark vertical line on tummy. Shit, my 6 year old could have done this. Come on Elle, humor the people that supposedly buy your dumbass magazine,

    • Dear Cutthecrap

      So you’d rather see a nasty stretch marked belly? Sounds like someone is jealous! Get off the internet and go take care of your kid.

  32. Ms.Misty


  33. Geenie

    Not all women get stretch marks you know.I´ve had 3 kids and dont have any..just sayin.
    Having said that,that picture is deffinately photoshopped.Her tummy is smaller,her arms and fingers are thinner and her boobs are smaller too.Why would they do that when we can easily compare thia picture to previous preggo pics of hers and easily see that its completly fake…. ?
    Why alter a preggo pic at all? Thats just stupid…
    Obviously she´s not a fan of http://theshapeofamother.com/

  34. Ganja Din

    How long BEFORE she got pregnant was this picture taken?

  35. buttbutt

    Her entire belly and ass look airbrushed. What a stupid phony.

  36. quack

    that’s is so obviously photoshopped and airbrushed. they do realize the world knows she’s gotten huge from being pregnant. there’s nothing wrong with gaining weight during pregnancy. they just made themselves look like idiots because everyone knows how much the edited this photo.

  37. Sybianz

    I puked in my mouth a little…….

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