1. It’s like a white Snooki.

  2. Weight Watchers must be shitting themselves!!

  3. jimmy

    Ooof, she looks like Sweetums.

  4. Ma’am, can you please use the street? These sidewalks are rated at a one-ton max weight capacity.

  5. cc

    She looks like an Old School WWE wrestler.

  6. MisterSuccint

    How many draft snakes did it take to trim that car cover she’s wearing?

  7. wfw

    ceelo green is looking great with that wig on

  8. blonde

    The baby only grows in your uterus/belly area… it doesn’t expand throughout your entire body.

  9. growler

    thats the fattest pig i have ever seen

  10. growler

    she must need those green boots to support that bulbous body

  11. growler

    legs are so fat she couldnt lace those boots,!!!

  12. NOI

    I don’t think that’s a human anymore LOL
    Looks so weird

  13. Another Mike

    she has cleavage on her ankles

  14. mbcl

    she’s got those rubber boots on in case her water breaks

  15. audrey

    Is she a midget? or an oompaloompa…

  16. vgirly

    Looks painful.

  17. Hey dumbasses SHE IS PREGNANT!! Soon to give birth. Have you not heard of fuckin water retention?? Obviously not. Morons!

    • Kellie

      That’s not water retention. That’s fat, as evidence by all the quotes of her talking about eating buttered poptarts and fried oreos. She is obviously using her pregnancy as an excuse to act like a pig, and is consequently starting to look like one. Many pregnant women are able to stay slim during pregnancy (since you’re only supposed to gain about 25 pounds, generally), and not put their baby’s life in danger at the same time. Stop making excuses for women to completely let themselves go just because they decided not to get an abortion.

  18. That’s the best-dressed bag lady I’ve ever seen

  19. From that scene in “A New Hope” where they used a stand-in to play Jabba the Hutt.

  20. Rachel

    Obviously it’s a bunch of males who are commenting on Jessica Simpsons pregnancy body. Hey guys…you wish your girlfriends were as hot as Jessica. Only a bunch of unattractive low self-esteem boys would spew such stupidity. Where are the real men?

  21. it’s nice to see the mom from “what’s eating gilbert grape” out and about.

  22. Xxoo

    Somewhere in McDonaldland, Grimace just got a boner.

  23. lilybeth

    Good God people, you obviously have not been pregnant. Regardless of what they show on TV as “pregnancy” (or what Beyonce tried to pass off as pregnancy), many women carry baby weight all over their body. Your hormones signal the body to begin storing fat anywhere and everywhere it can – even if you only gain the recommended amount of weight (25-25 lbs). The reason is so that once you give birth, you have extra fat stores so you can breastfeed. It is basic human biology. I didn’t gain much when I was pregnant, but like JS, it spread everywhere. Even my nose looked bigger, it was weird. Stop putting her down and calling her fat. She is carrying a baby – I’m sure she’ll lose it in time and be back to her old body. Grow up, FFS.

  24. sandra

    i only gained 22 lbs during my pregnancy and that was hard on me being 5’3 . I could only imagine how she must feel, poor thing

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