1. Nobody

    Oh I’ve seen this before, it’s just w weird shirt, bad angles and a parasite growing in her uterus.

  2. Lisa

    Is she trying to compete with Angelina Jolie? Those lips are mighty big (and talking about the ones on her face, you pervs).

  3. Lolita Sweet December

    just another stupid cunt looking for publicty… Stupid cunt. ..what a fucking waste of a life….

    • RubyyxO

      Wow Lolita, jealousy is a disease whore! How is she looking for publicity when the paps are following her?! She’s married & is having a baby, get over it u hating piece of shit!

  4. smutman

    who cares

  5. smutman

    what is the big deal about pregnant women. ok, so we know she’s fucking someone, but seriously, does anyone want to do her now that she’s pregnant?? that’s gross

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