1. Eddyt

    In all fairness, she did have real shit tits

  2. Lee

    implants are the ugliest thing available to females, i hate them. I had an ex once with them and she didnt have them to start out with but ended up getting them, they were ugly and hard and cold. They moved weird. Eventually they got imfected and the scar reopened and it was black, the implant went black, sickest thing ever. Why women mutilate their bodies like this is beyond me. I would rather have a cute A or B cup on my woman and know they are real than this “implant” inside her breast cavity.

  3. zigzags

    lol she needs them

  4. Nick Manning

    Jenelle is so white trash that she’s hot. I can’t wait to see her new tits.

  5. Ben Dover

    Hey she doesn’t look like the cow she was going in for her boobs
    she’s a little cute here

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