1. eric

    You’d think she could have made time to stop into Cinnabon to have her hair done.

  2. Maureen

    Wow. I never would’ve thought that was her. There’s nothing even remotely familiar about that face.

  3. test

    Would be accurate if that was her -it’s not…nose is wrong (unless she’s added to her nose – the shape is off)

  4. dinosaurland

    Maybe it’s Kyra Sedgwick’s mom or something.

  5. jeffiner

    maureen is right. there’s nothing about this thing that resembles carrie fisher.

  6. lalala

    yea…im pretty sure this isn’t Carrie Fisher.

  7. Jill

    It looks like Stephanie Zimbalist.

  8. ed

    absolutely not carrie fisher, she was just on craig ferguson last week. That is definitely not her.

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