1. SarahK

    That is a beautiful slip. Why doesn’t VS make stuff like that?

  2. mel

    nice stink tank!

  3. Drew

    Needs more airbrush.

    (not sarcasm)

    Yeah I’m shallow. Wanna fight about it?

  4. How Old Is She?

    Pancake ass.

  5. clair

    I don’t think she should be showing that ass off

  6. Brett

    OMG… I love those freckles!!! Gorgeous posterior.

  7. celchu

    She is rocking that black, slinky slip that would be on the damn floor in a minute if I were there. Her ass looks damn good for being in her 40′s.

  8. dave

    that is one fantastic looking ass…! and love her new show “Unforgetable”

  9. JamesBond


  10. Brandon James

    Oooh baby! Poppy got booty!

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