1. Collegato

    tell that to Schwarzenneger…

  2. too bad she’s wearing knickers (that’s limey for panties)

  3. I see London, I see France…

  4. KC

    Ever British, she keeps a stiff upper lip.

  5. Looks like she’s wearing pantyhose (or tights as the Brits like to say).

  6. god rape the queen

    wtf !! is a pippa ????

  7. mr t

    god shaved the queen??

  8. dutch

    Hmm remember what happend to willliams mother? Get a life leave her alone, her sister married a royall, she did not…

  9. Jaap

    Too skinny and no boops. A pitty. And always sunglasses.. I hate that. Sorry . But well trained by their parents to get a rich guy…

  10. Phillip

    1. I don’t understand why they don’t do anything against this. I see this as a pure harassment against her, even sexual harassment. In the UK there are a number of laws protecting people from harassment, including the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

    2.My wife and a lot of female human beings are much more attractiv then Pipa Middleton.

    3. Never make such a picture of my wife or you will get a complaint, bastards!

  11. Paul de Liefde

    British press should be a shamed of themselves!

  12. Phillip

    Indeed Paul 100% agree, but the Telegraaf in the Netherlands should shame also, I remember a few story’s in the past weeks, the surgeons in Brazil for example ….

  13. blaablaaa

    I can’t see SHIT!!!!!

  14. Sylvia

    Shame on the photographer that takes pictures like that, and the newspaper that publishes them.
    Pippa didn’t flash anything, you’re just a bunch of Peeping Toms.

  15. god rape the queen

    ugly whore just like here whore sister go and make a orgie with your old ugly queen whehehehhee fuck te u,k whahahhahaha nederland uber alles we have our one whores called BEATRIX AND the dutch/argentine
    whore MAXIMA

  16. god rape the queen

    yo dutch fuck his mother she was a spy for OSAMA BIN LADEN

  17. god rape the queen

    philipe u are a bitch u talk to much nobody likes to see a picture of your bitch here cave bora bora

  18. god rape the queen

    de telegraaf hollands finnest m.f

  19. Leon

    Some people are very disgusting The lady just got out of the car . and now she is treated like a slut

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