1. Dippa

    Focus much?

  2. TomFrank

    Is this a picture of a picture? Why is there some white scrap blocking part of the shot?

  3. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    God shave the queen!

  4. shae

    This was clearly intentional. Her dress is down to her knees when she’s standing! I’m on to your games, Pippa.

  5. shirley

    I guess the Brits trying to be famous are learning from the stupid American girls who think flashing their underwear means more publicity for them and the idiots that drool over them. Why is she famous? She’s not a star, or pretty, her body is average. So why the big to do???

    • red fred

      why not just enjoy looking at her thighs and fantasizing about her pussy like everyone else who viewed this page?why complain?

  6. the incompetent paparazzi’s camera has auto-focus, which targetted the sheet of paper (seen perfectly, on the right of the pic)….thats why the overall photo seems blurred.

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