1. AlexK

    That looks just like a reoccurring dream I have…

  2. whacko

    Adrianne Curry is HOT, no denying it.
    But something tells me she is a train-wreck in motion that is difficult to live with no matter how many times you get to bang her while she wears a Boba Fett helmet…

  3. brian

    this should have been the headline picture

  4. Cock Dr

    This is not a woman you bring home for turkey dinner to meet the folks.
    Unless the folks all want to dress up in comic book character costumes & have pics of them groping Ms Curry show up on her Twitter account the next day.

  5. TomFrank

    There’s no other women in Return of the Jedi, so who could Slave Leia be getting it on with? This upsets my sense of cosplay consistency.

  6. Uncleangry

    Funny, I just had a friend seperate from his hot brazilian wife not too long ago. She was great to look at, but impossible to have a convesation with. The conversation bit had nothing to do with her lack of english understanding, and a whole lote more to do with her being dumber than a bag of hammers. Not saying that is exactly the situation here, think it’s more along the lines of the (as someone already stated) emotional train wreck that is Mrs.Curry.

    I still find her really attractive and would love to find out for myself if any of these opinions hold any water. I’ll give it my best doc, for the good of science!

  7. J.R.

    Okay, well. It’s obvious now. She likes pussy, plain and simple. There was the other picture with all the cats and this one. S%#t, he didn’t have a chance in hell.

  8. Mike Brady

    Hey, is that Cindy?

  9. jayjaynybx

    Hey, I’m sure Ms. Curry was not as pleasent to live with as it was to see her in thongs. I married a very beautifu woman a while back and she has the soul of the devil. I divorced her hoping to be free from hell but, through our mutual child she still maintains the gates of hell open for me. BTW, I have a VIP pass reseved just for me.

    This man filed for divorce before she did, good strategy move. Run Peter, Run, there are other fine babes to seek and conquer.

  10. pookiewookie

    Whats this Chris’s third divorce? His intution told him not to marry her, but he went a head and thought with his penis.

  11. Audrey

    Christopher Knight was just doing what any washed-up, middle aged, unattractive, child star going through a mid-life crisis would have done. He married a smoking hot, 25 year-old, attention whore that he didn’t have to work too hard to put his winky in. Don’t lie to yourselves fellas. You would have to.

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