1. bing

    Why does she keep on making that sign with her hands? Does she know she looks vulgar that way?

  2. She is down with The Shocker. Why complain?

  3. Nik

    Ugly face. Wouldn’t have a problem divorcing her.

  4. bill

    Peter Brady is an effing MORON! Adrianne is one of the sexiest women out there, body that refuses to quit, loves wearing as little as possible, and from all reports, is a total nymphomaniac in the sack (and elsewhere)! And he’s tossing her to the curb? Idiot!

  5. 1dude

    she spec-f*cking-tacular! Think about it – dudes divorced Christie Brinkley, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, etc… It’s got nothing to do with how they look…

  6. Jason

    Nice disco balls.

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