1. AlexK

    Sexiest imperial since the Emperor!!

  2. Stabone

    Who cares if he’s divorcing that. She looks and acts like a whore in the pics and for all we know, she has horrible breath and farts in her sleep. Two sides to every story, big deal.

  3. Rachell

    It looks like someone needs some validation.

  4. amy

    Eh, on the one hand, she’s a huge attention whore. On the other, you’re only young and have a hot body once. Of course, I’d err on the side of keep-that-shit-private and look at it yourself.

  5. lazyass

    seriously, this thing needs to crawl back in the hole she came out from. What a stupid bitch.

  6. Revko1

    Show me a hot chick, and I’ll show you a dude who is tired of Effing her! Besides she looks like a pain in the arss,,

  7. baddestofboys

    I’m sure this chick is a real pain in the ass, there ain’t no doubt about it. She’s a one nighter, if that, maybe just in the club bathroom and then forget about her. She’s a troubled youth ;)

  8. stpnlll

    Gimme an H! Gimme an O! Gimme an M! Gimme another O! What does it spell? PETER BRADY.

    He should just hand back his penis. Obviously has no idea what it’s for.

  9. terry

    Dude I know she’s a D-lister but I would fuck her!!!!!

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