1. Ricky G

    Born with no tits – and no brain.

    Bought tits – but unfortunately can’t buy a brain.

  2. ashley

    What’s going on with the eyebrows now? They’re like evil, wicked rainbow archs.

  3. spek

    never should have married her in the first place – hot, but a complete skeezer. she would be a great weekend in vegas, and then run away fast

  4. KC

    She’s demonstrating the type of shocker she needs and why Peter Brady wasn’t enough.

  5. pookiewookie

    Bad match in the first place. He had reservations and should have followed his intuition and the advice of everyone he asked. Shes really scary kinky.

  6. Wusston Cage

    meh! she is average at best. Silicone up and who knows what else faked, other than the entire relationship from the very beginning. Chris got a lil sum sum! *fist bump* She’s dumb and her boob job is off…next!

  7. keijo

    she’s hot. dumb maybe, but who the hell cares

  8. okiedokey

    She married for money.

    I wouldn’t touch the bitch.

  9. richie

    sofa king hot AND cool too.

  10. ahahahahha

    Man face ugly.

  11. size 10 is not plus size

    you all sound soooo jealous

    • BethAnenny Who?

      HARDLY LMAO Size 6….she is no prize. What happened to her oh so wow Next Top Model gig? hahahaha

  12. I’m surprised it lasted this long.

  13. Luna Lovegood

    Absolutely gorgeous & stunning and I wish I had her eyebrows! I can’t even believe she married that geek…eww

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