1. Crackermack

    Fuckin retard.

  2. joey jo jo shabadoo

    people will do anything to stay in the public lime light

  3. Kel

    She is disgusting in more wasy than one!!!

  4. Evie

    LOL WUT!
    That’s freaking disgusting.

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    what an immaculate taste! Everything matches perfectly :skin, pink top, pink hair, the leopard print cape and the penis lollipop!

  6. Robert Paulson

    So, fughet this little troll, are the girls in Seaside all sucking “candy dicks” this summer? Hell, I hope so. Bash all you want there are some true hotties walking the boards in Seaside.

  7. Kimy

    hahaha sick biitchh

  8. Clamhammer

    And its even purple.

  9. hateyoufornoreason

    Unsexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  10. jason

    Complete trashbag .

  11. lovejesss

    crazy sick troll

  12. Ugotz472

    What is she trying to prove?? She is setting a bad example for the young ladies out there who look up to her and her Jersey Shore castmates and here she is sucking on a x-rated lollipop in public??!!! Her parents must be real proud of having a daughter who is being filmed and knowing this she acts like a complete goof, kissing anything and everything, drinking like she is going to the electric chair and just plain making a spectacle of herself!!! Oh, I am very sorry, let me say that it’s not her fault that someone put a bottle of SoCo, Southern Comfort for us regular folks, in front of her and made her drink it which is the reason why she acts like she currently has, what’s next??

  13. kt

    I wish that “member” were mine…she is a true NJ dick sucking piece of trash…I love girls like this – for real…they have so much (head) to give…my x was a (south) jersey girl and she was (still is???) a complete freak!!! Loved it… Always head – up, mouth open for the load, looking just like a baby bird waiting for the first worm of the day!!! Then Every time I’d call her a whore and she just wanted more semen down the gullet (she was hot , too, as south Jersey girls go…) You go, Snooki – keep on draining those cocks!!! What great memories… Oh fuck, I just ejaculated…

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