1. dnkypunch

    If you ignore her she will go away and fade back into obscurity, which is where she belongs.

  2. joho777

    Snooki isas charming and as feminine as always.

  3. Michael

    Is it my imagination or has this pig midget put-on about 30lbs in the “off season”. Not only is she ugly and orange but now she’s morbidly obese too. Memo to Shooki, weighing 240lbs+ at 4ft 2″ is not good for your health.

  4. I made a mess in my pants

    Snooki is as wide as she is tall – why do we care what she puts in her mouth? It all ends up on her hips anyway.

  5. joe blow

    That’s not a lollipop, it’s a sausage. The bitch is a cannibal.


  6. Chris

    the fucked up looking hat and sunglasses, she is out of it

  7. Bryce

    What a fucking waste of flesh….

  8. burton

    there is nothing remotely sexy about this woman.

  9. yowillie

    Pig. She needs a moo moo.

  10. Mark


  11. absinthe

    I was kicked off the internet as soon as I clicked the NSFW button. Coincidence? I think not.

  12. Where does she fit into Gabriel Iglesias’ 5 Levels of Fat?

  13. Abby

    i don’t get it.. i thought the whole guidette thing was getting all juiced up and fake tits.. being club ready and all. why is she still a fugly pig?

  14. yawn

    starring out a fucking lolipop what a douchebag..
    did you make a penny for the hundreds of unnecessary extra clicks?

  15. D

    מהה נראאה ללה? איזה סתוממממה

  16. mullet

    guesses on how long till a sex tape with her is released?!?! I’m an insider with information about this!

  17. Becs


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