1. Allie Reno

    ew. she looks disgusting. I hate it when short people try too hard to look tall. damn just accept the fact that you’re a midget and wwear appropriate clothes and shoes.

    • a short tall person

      ew , allie. you sound so insecure. you must be a tall, lanky white chick with a flat ass who’s first boyfriend left her for a short, hot chick. bummer.

    • terry

      Reno, you need your head checked. Ugly girls hate on pretty ones. Happens all the time. You are so fucked up. Get a life.
      Probably a fat fuck with stretch marks, potted, oily skin and shit stains in all your panties.
      Sorry babe, You opened yourself up for that.

  2. I’m seeing stranger tides just looking at the crowd there. I’m talking to you, Guy With the Red Coonskin Hat.

  3. Cher X

    She’s starting to look a little like Rachel Ray…

  4. It’s actually not a red coonskin hat “stinky mcpoop” it’s a “pirate” bandana!!!

  5. tlmck

    Penelope no. Vanessa a big yes.

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