1. cc

    These pix must have been taken at the trailer park pool!

  2. Joe Bunda

    I’d make it jiggle.

  3. sasha

    Bodies like this are why they make one piece suits. But then we wouldn’t be able to see all those “unique” tattoos. Is there a woman out there individual enough not to cover her body in tattoos?

    • Cock Dr

      Yes but there’s not many of us under 50.
      Fortunes are being made now in the tattoo removal business. Ha-ha!

    • Janey

      Whats wrong with her body? Cause she is not YOUR idea of NORMAL or PERFECT something is wrong with HER?

      You are soooo freakin stuuuupid

      • etc

        Well, she’s fat. That’s what’s wrong with her body. The only stupid people are those who cannot understand the idea of everyone is entitled to an opinion. That would be you Janey.

      • Cock Dr

        Talk to the Dr Janey. Did this post strike a nerve? Are you a bit broad in the beam yourself?

  4. babystar

    I’m 4 months pregnant and look way better than that!

  5. Rex

    She looks like that chick you see at the bar trying to get laid by going up to a drunk dude and playing wanna see my tattoos.

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