1. Deacon Jones


    Any erections I got from her performing in Boardwalk Empire I systematically deny.

    By the way, did they ever kill her off? I can’t even remember

    • LilDeuceDeuce

      Hey Deacon: Yeah, they wrote her out of the show because they apparently got sick of her acting like, well, Paz de la Huerta. For most of season 2 she is stuck taking care of the baby she had with Van Alden, and towards the end of the season she abruptly disappears and leaves Van Alden to take care of the baby himself.

  2. karlito

    is she in competition with Ke$ha for worst body in Hollywood?

  3. ManRay

    Where boners go to die.

  4. FYou

    Wow my grandma has that same ass.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Seeing women in thongs have made me horny. They’ve made me disgusted. This is the first time a thong ever made me angry. I’m mad I saw this.

  6. Alex

    You poor thing. The only way we will forget over this one is if we get to see Christina Aguilera’s ass eating a thong.

  7. Alice Pooper

    sludge fest

  8. I thought maybe it was a birth control patch…

  9. Dick Trickle

    It’s awesome that she went into the bathroom AFTER she got naked in the middle of the street.

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