1. Ohhh…soooo accidental. Also an “accident”? The fact that she’s wearing the same exact bikini Katy Perry did when her butt fell out.

  2. rantatonne

    If this becomes a thing, I may forgive Katy Perry fort 90% of her music. Only 90 because she was inebriated so it likely wasn’t her intent to start it and also lil’ girl from Coppertone did it first.

  3. It can’t be an accident I mean her name I assume is Spanish for the bared ass

  4. The Royal Penis

    That’s what happens when you shit yourself. You gotta dump the load before emerging from the water.

  5. I don’t give two shits whether it’s intentional or accidental. I, for one, am impressed and pleasantly surprised by her revelation!

  6. lawn

    OK, where’s my ping pong paddle?

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