1. jeffiner

    what the F!? that freakin’ bubble again!

  2. Richard McBeef, MD

    All you have to do is tie up a loop of fishing line and stick that jellybean waddle growth in there. tighten up the loop until it holds with it’s own pressure. Then give it a quick tug on both of the tag ends, and the line will cut that fucker right off.

  3. KTI

    This woman’s face scares the shit out of me.

  4. The Pope

    “Bring me the Little Mermaid! I wanna deep-fry her, y’all!”

  5. Moe


  6. vickie

    shes a pig and her cookware leaves green slime in the food

  7. renotastic

    If’n ya run outta kumquats, jest reach up and grab yer grotesquely oversized skin tag!

  8. grobpilot

    Hey, isn’t that the woman from “Total Recall” just before her head splits open and turns into Ah-nold?

  9. Weirdo

    Whats that vagina looking thing on her throat?

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